Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Desiring God, Part Two

Desiring God is one of the most expansive ministry websites that I've ever encountered. It would take months to uncover all of its richness, however, I hope to highlight some of its goodies to encourage you to go hunting for treasures of your own.

Yesterday, I gave a little background on John Piper, listed his bibliography of books he's authored, and shared the wonderful news that 18 of his books are available to download in pdf format free of charge.

Today I will be sharing a unique portion of his website, a section devoted to providing people with biographical sketches of past theologians. Starting in 1988, Piper has regularly preached sermons and written articles on many great theologians of centuries past ranging from Jonathan Edwards (1988) to William Tyndale (2006). A full list includes: Jonathan Edwards, Charles Simeon, David Brainerd, Martyn Lloyd Jones, William Cowper, J. Gresham Machen, John Owen, Charles Spurgeon, Martin Luther, John Calvin, St. Augustine, John Bunyan, John G. Paton, John Newton, William Wilberforce, Adoniram Judson, George Mueller, Athanasius, and William Tyndale.

While these biographical articles have been available to READ, it is only recently that the website has added audio messages (mp3 format) accompanying the articles.

Another major section of the website is his Articles which can be sorted by topic, date, or title. Article categories include theology, worldview and culture, history and biography, the Christian life, family, and church and ministry.