Sunday, October 15, 2006


This blog will primarily be for reviewing all things Christian--recommending particular sermons, podcasts, websites, books, Bibles, songs, music artists, cds, dvds etc.

My first review will be of Bethlehem Bible Church. Although separated by many states, their user-friendly website and podcasts have made a major impact on my weekly life. I enjoy listening to their sermons (anywhere from 1-3 a week) and appreciate the convenience and flexibility of their formatting. You can listen online, download mp3s, or sign up for their podcasts and have their messages downloaded to your computer automatically. Another plus, their archives go back several years and include such notable speakers as John MacArthur and James White. They are an excellent example of expository preaching at its best. Messages typically run 40 minutes to an hour in length.
Bethlehem Bible Church's Statement of Faith
Bethlehem Bible Church's Audio Archives