Thursday, May 31, 2007

8 Random Things Meme

One of the most frequent memes going around this week--at least in all the blogs I read--is the 8 Random Things meme. Consider this the '8 Random Things: Bible Edition.'

1. My first Bible was a Living Bible. (It was a gift from Santa.)
2. The gospel of John is my favorite book of the Bible.
3. When I first get a new Bible, I like to smell the pages. I love the 'new bible' smell.
4. I once read the entire Bible in 15 days. It was the Narrated Bible, a Bible that arranges passages chronologically.
5. I often get Bible-envy when I see someone get a new Bible. (One that I don't have.) The Bible I'm most envious of is my mom's new Geneva Study Bible. It was originally published in 1599, and has study notes by the Reformers.
6. It is not unusual for me to buy in duplicate. I have four life application bibles (in four translations). And I have three MacArthur study bibles. 2 leather. 1 Hardcover. 2 translations. (Although for the record, I don't even really like the life application bible.)
7. I love to go bargain-hunting for Bible. A good percentage of my Bibles have been bought at 75% to 90% off. Buying bibles for under $5 is very fun. :)
8. The ESV (English Standard Version) is my FAVORITE translation. New American Standard is my second-favorite. Revised Standard Version is my third-favorite. New King James is my fourth. And NIV is my fifth.