Friday, May 11, 2007

Christian Publishers

Are you a Christian publisher or a Christian author? Do you write (or publish) books (fiction or nonfiction) geared towards tweens, teens and twenty-somethings? You might consider submitting your books to me for review. Kimberly Pauley of YA Book Central has asked me to review religious fiction and nonfiction books for her site. The only problem? I have no books to review as of yet. (That's not exactly true, I have three books I can possibly review from 2001, but nothing new. Nothing crying out to be read and reviewed.) I would love to get started on this project, but it will take a little help from you.

I am just as interested in reviewing adult titles (both fiction AND nonfiction) as I am young adult titles. In fact, I am more excited if that is possible. I would love to start regularly reviewing books on this site. I know I haven't always been good about updating regularly--but if I had books to review, I would have something to post about. I'd really like to make this blog as 'successful' as Becky's Book Reviews. ARCs and review copies would help me make this project work as well.

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