Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Coming Soon to Becky's Christian Reviews

These are a few Christian books I've checked out of the library. While my TBR pile is truly, terrifying, I hope to get these books read (by their due dates) and reviewed for the site. (Keep in mind that this site is my second book blog and that "Becky's Book Reviews" requires a lot of time and maintenance. It's hard to have a new book to review for each site each day. So be patient, please.)

The Warrior by Francine Rivers
The Prince by Francine Rivers
The Prophet by Francine Rivers
Unafraid by Francine Rivers
Unspoken by Francine Rivers
Unveiled by Francine Rivers

A few authors have sent me books to review for this site:

Perfecting Kate by Tamara Leigh
By Love Redeemed by DeAnna Julie Dodson

If you are an author or publisher and would like to send me an Advanced Reading Copy or review copy, I would be happy to receive them. Simply email me.

And I'll open up yet another dialogue. I am relatively new to the field of Christian fiction. (I've read lots of Christian nonfiction). I am familiar with most (if not all) of Janette Oke's books and Frank Peretti's books. But that is essentially it. I'm seeing titles and authors that appeal to me as I browse the internet, but I'm a newbie. If you've got a favorite book you want to recommend, please feel free to leave a suggestion in the comments section of the site.