Friday, May 11, 2007

Goals for Becky's Christian Reviews

When I first started this blog, many months ago, I had high hopes that I could manage several blogs at once. I started my first blog, Becky's Book Reviews in August of 2006. I made it my priority to update it daily. Since then, I have remained steadfast in that blog. I've blogged each and every day. Sometimes several times a day. But other blog attempts have not been as successful. While I had plans for this site, Becky's Christian Reviews, updates have been few and far between. It's not that I've wanted to abandon it. I didn't neglect it on purpose. It just happens sometimes. So I thought perhaps it was time that I made this site a PRIORITY as well.

So here are my goals for the site:

a) to review Christian fiction books (picture books through novels)
b) to review Christian nonfiction books (theology, Christian living, biography, etc.)
c) to review Christian music cds
d) to review Christian movies dvds
e) to review Christian websites
f) to review Christian blogs
g) to review Christian podcasts
h) perhaps even to review individual sermons from websites and podcasts
i) to review Christian audiobooks

I have access to some of these items more than others. So I will review some categories more than others. For example, I own few (one or two) audiobooks. But that's it. So I don't really see that being the focus--unless publishers want to send me audiobooks in which case I'll be happy to listen and review. Same with Christian dvds. I might own three or four, but it's not a priority.