Sunday, May 27, 2007

Gospels Come to Life

I bought GOSPELS COME TO LIFE several years ago when it was first released. I purchased it chiefly because I love the Bible and I love Michael W. Smith. It was my first audio bible purchase (although it is only the gospels). And I appreciated it when I bought it. I was encouraged to listen to the cds at the time. But I didn't truly come to appreciate Michael W. Smith's narration until after I purchased the LISTENER'S BIBLE narrated by Max McLean several years later. Michael's reading is natural and flows smoothly. The background music never commands center stage. McLean's narration is far from natural. Never has anyone read anything so overly dramatic and unnatural. His pronunciation is so over the top and his reading rhythm bizarre. It is painful to the ears to listen to him read. I feel awful having spent so much money on a group of cds that I won't ever listen to in all likelihood because of the bad narration. Recently I began listening to these cds (Gospels Come To Life) again. Wow! What a difference the narration makes. Instead of focusing on the narrator's focus on the Word of God. I wish that Michael W. Smith would finish narrating the New Testament because his natural understated style is infinitely better than Max McLean's over the top production.