Monday, May 14, 2007

Notes From A Spinning Planet: Ireland

Carlson, Melody. 2006. Notes From a Spinning Planet: Ireland.

Maddie is a nineteen-year-old, self-proclaimed "country bumpkin" who has little experience outside of her small town. When she is given an opportunity to visit Ireland with her Aunt Sid and her aunt's godson, Ryan, she is more than thrilled to begin her "first" grand adventure--beginning with her first plane ride. Aunt Sid is a journalist on a mission. Ryan and Maddie are there for fun--at least at first. Ryan's father was Irish, and he was killed in a car bomb. His father supposedly was involved in the IRA. As these two teens (or college-aged-somethings) discover, life can be more complicated than what it first appears to be. Digging into political issues as well as exploring romantic relationships, NOTES FROM A SPINNING PLANET: IRELAND is a good start to a new series.