Thursday, June 07, 2007

8 Random Things--Music Edition

I had such fun doing the 8 Random Things meme last week. The specialized Bible-edition of the meme that I created. That I thought I would continue the fun this week by focusing on Christian music. It has been such a huge part of my life.

1) My first-ever "favorite" song is a tie between "Rocketown" by Michael W. Smith and "When God Ran" by Benny Hester. Both make me extraordinarily happy and nostalgic when I listen to them today.

2) I loved listening to records. CDs were still a novelty when I was in sixth grade. And it was certainly something way beyond my reach. As a very young person I loved listening to Bullfrogs & Butterflies, Music Machine, Evie, and the Bill Gaither Trio's Especially for Children albums. Also Supergang. "Kid Talk" is one of the best songs ever.

3) Michael W. Smith was the first person I ever saw in concert. (It was at Six Flags.) I was in sixth grade. His latest album was i 2 eye. I still associate the song "Secret Ambition" with the sound of roller coasters. I still have my ticket stub. What I loved most about the concert was that he did old songs and new songs.

4) Ray Boltz's "Watch the Lamb" gets me every time.

5) I love Andrew Peterson. Seriously love him. His albums are my favorite and best. You'll be seeing a lot of his songs in the future under the category of "Becky's Themesongs." But one of my favorite songs that you won't see...because I don't think the lyrics can be found too the song called "Alien Conspiracy, Or, The Cheese Song" featured on his album Appendix A. How much do I love Andrew Peterson? If Rich Mullins had a mantle to pass on like Elijah gave to Elisha, it went to Andrew Peterson.

6) Speaking of Rich Mullins, the album that comes as close to perfection as a human can possibly get is Rich Mullins' Jesus album. It is a two disc album. One of the demos Rich Mullins was working on before his death. And the second is a 'tribute' album of sorts of those same songs sung by the best of the best. My favorite on the album??? That's easy. That Where I Am, There You May Also Be. I could listen to it for hours without ever getting tired of it.

7) There are two bands that make me bouncingly happy. It was a good thing for me that they sometimes toured together :) I love Audio Adrenaline and Newsboys. I love to call the Newsboys the "Bouncy" Boys. Because one thing you learn if you go to their concerts is that you have to get up and jump :) That and it's a sad but true fact that the band will play your favorite song while you're waiting in line for the bathroom. I don't know why it always works out like that.

8) I have almost always loved Christian music, but have rarely liked listening to it on the radio.