Friday, June 29, 2007

It's a God Thing.

Today's post isn't a review of anything. Other than perhaps a review of my sanity/insanity. Depending on who you talk to.

First of all, Amanda from A Patchwork of Books has honored me with a nomination/recognition: Rockin' Girl Blogger.

Amanda, know this. You have brightened up a very gloomy day. It is nice to be appreciated and recognized. And it couldn't have come at a better time. Hence just one of the many reasons this post is called "It's a God Thing."

There have been three books that have been instrumental in my life the past week or so.

Gods & Kings
by Lynn Austin has fueled me with a fiery righteous indignation of the church at large--and its increasing tolerance to change the gospel message to suit these new so-called "postmodern" times. Its willingness to tolerate anything and everything in the hopes that by not preaching biblically (in a clear manner) that they will appeal to a new crowd and have more and more people filling the pews and contributing to the offering plate. The disregard for the Bible's clear teachings and a need to make everything "relevant" and "new" for this generation. If you've read the book, you know Uriah and Ahaz are the bad guys. And I see a lot of modern-day Uriah's around. Some of them even in pulpits of large churches.

The second book that has impacted me has been Taking Back The Good Book by Woodrow Kroll. There are not enough words to say how much I love this book. It is so a God Thing. He again has fueled with me righteous indignation at the church's complacency and tolerance with complete and total ignorance when it comes to the Bible. The book shows how both inside and outside of churches--in all denominations--God's Word is being ignored and no one cares. No one. Preachers have stopped preaching the Bible. Members have stopped reading the Bible. Gospel truths are either unknown or unproclaimed. It's sad. Really sad to see how large a problem this is. It's sadder still to see that very few actually care enough to do anything about it. I've read this book. I've marked it up. I've shared passages with my sister. And of course my mother read it word for word. I wish EVERY SINGLE person would read this book. It could make a HUGE impact on the christian community if people started to take a stand as individuals.

The third book that has strengthened and enlightened me is R.C. Sproul's A Taste of Heaven. Really few books could have been more timely in my life. I read this book yesterday afternoon. In a single sitting. I learned new things. I felt convicted of certain things. But more importantly I realized just how crucial biblical worship is for the church. And how more often than not, we are getting it wrong. And again, not caring that we're getting it wrong. I feel I have learned so much from this book (and the Taking Back the Good Book) that it is immeasurable.