Thursday, June 14, 2007

Sophie's Dilemma

Sophie's Dilemma by Lauraine Snelling, 2007. Daughters of Blessing #2

This is my first Lauraine Snelling book, so I haven't read the rest of the books in the series set in the town/community of Blessing. (My mother has read some of them.) Anyway, even though I had no familiarity with the series, it didn't stop me from loving every minute of Sophie's Dilemma.

Sophie Knutson is a seventeen year old girl who has fallen in love. At least, she thinks she's fallen in love. When her young man, Hamre Bjorklund, takes a job on a fishing boat in Seattle, Sophie knows she can't live without him. She just can't. Even though Hamre is willing to wait one year for them to be married--and have her father's blessing--Sophie isn't. She insists on eloping with her love right then and there. But married life isn't all she thought it would be. You see, she's young and used to getting her own way--at least some of the time. And she doesn't quite understand why Hamre always has to be so busy working trying to support the family. In truth, she feels a little neglected. She's come all this way to Seattle, and she has nothing to fill her time with. Hamre is always working it seems. And when he's home, they often get into little spats. It's not that she loves him any less than before, she's just beginning to realize that maybe just maybe her parents were right when they said she was a bit too young for marriage. But when Hamre heads to Alaska for the fishing season, Sophie faces the hardest season of her life. Alone in a strange city, she takes a job at a cannery to try to 'surprise' her husband with some extra cash. But then Sophie is faced with a surprise all her own...she's pregnant. Excited but scared, Sophie has barely had time to adjust to the news when she learns that Hamre's boat has sunk in a storm. There were no survivors. Now, there's no place for this young widow to go but straight home to Blessing. Will her family and friends forgive her for leaving in such rebellious haste? Will her family give her the love and support she needs during this difficult time? And will her heart ever recover from such grief?