Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Fair Is the Rose

Fair is the Rose by Liz Curtis Higgs, 2004.

Fair is the Rose is the middle book in a trilogy fictionalizing the story of Jacob, Rachel, and Leah and placing them within a Scottish context...as Jamie, Rose, and Leana. The first book, Thorn In My Heart, saw the arrival of Jamie McKie at his Uncle Lachlan's estate. He met his cousins, Leana and Rose, and fell madly in love. The problem? He ended up married to the wrong cousin due to his uncle's sly tricks. The book concluded with the both of Leana's son, Ian, and Jamie's resolution to be a proper husband to his wife and stop longing for the cousin that got away.

In Fair Is The Rose, Jamie is the devoted and loving husband of Leana. Their son is growing and doing well. And they're approaching their one year anniversary. But there is one person in the house who is still bitter about the past. Rose. Rose still hates her sister, Leana, for her role in the deception. And Rose still desperately loves Jamie. But now Jamie refuses to have anything to do with her. No calm words, private words, secret words of devotion. No secret kisses. Nothing. It's like his love for her has disappeared. But Rose doesn't want Jamie to have his happily ever after...not if it's with her sister...and her plots and schemes become more and more elaborate as the days and weeks go by. A secret consultation with a witch here, a meeting there, with a couple of charms and spells along the way. Will Rose's vigilant pursuits lead her to her heart's desire? How many hearts will she trample in the process? Just how far is one teen girl willing to go to get her own way?

Fair is the Rose is an exciting book. But be prepared to get angry as Rose's selfishness wreaks havoc on the lives of everyone she claims to love. I suppose the fact that I could get so angry at the characters is a reflection of how "real" Higgs made them seem. Again, very well written. So I am continuing to recommend this series.