Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The Good Angel

August, 1852
Godey's Lady's Book
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Vol XLV Page 123



ANGELS, sent as witnesses,
Watch us everywhere;
Sheltered by their shining wings,
Seeming folds of air,
Gentle maiden, one is near,
List'ning for thy prayer!

Offerings of the pure in heart
Upward, flame-like, tend;
With a sunbeam swiftness then
Angel guards descend!
Human sigh and heavenly smile
Thus together blend.

Lovely as the lonely flower
In the desert blown,
Is the holy human thought
But to angel known:
On his book the thought is graved,
Where its light is thrown.

As the fragrance from the flower
Riseth morn and even,
Warm with light or wet with dew,
Joy and grief are given
From the human soul to draw
Incense forth for heaven—
Angels for this off'ring wait
Every morn and even.