Friday, August 17, 2007

Off The Record

Off the Record by Elizabeth White, 2007.

I'll admit I had some doubts about Off The Record. I read the very brief description of it and I wasn't blown away. I didn't think, "Wow, I bet I would love a book like that." It actually sounded like it wasn't my style at all. But. And the but is important here. I read it anyway. And you know what...I loved it. I absolutely loved it!!! Maybe it's just me...but the book I read about on the back cover was not the book I held in my hands. I guess I can recognize elements of it. But it didn't really do justice to it in my opinion. It made it sound like it was all about scandal and betrayal and dirty journalists and even scummier politicians. And on the surface, I suppose that could be what a few people think this book is about. But that would be like describing The Princess Bride as a book about rodents of unusual size. True, the ROUS are there in a bit of it...but only a small bit. And it's not what it's about. Off the Record is a love story. It's a story about forgiveness. It's a story about grace. It's a story about God's redemption. It's a very personal story. The thing that grabbed me about Off the Record was not the action. It was all about the characters for me. I didn't care about the politics. I didn't care about the journalism aspects. I didn't care about any private investigators. I cared about the people--the hero and heroine. I loved, loved, loved Cole McGaughan. And I loved their story. And I loved the writing. Loved it. Here's the opening sentence: Laurel Kincade, surrounded by reporters in the rotunda of the Alabama Judicial Building, suddenly understoond her great-great grandmother's propensity to shoot Yankee invaders on sight and ask questions later. (11). But I also loved this line, "Most of the world's ills would be cured if all its bottom-feeding scavengers were fried to a crisp and served with hushpuppies." (18) Anyway, I really enjoyed this one!