Saturday, September 22, 2007

Things that should NEVER NEVER NEVER happen

I have always had mixed feelings on the Love Comes Softly series as produced by the Hallmark Channel. The first movie, Love Comes Softly, was arguably good. Enjoyable even. Worth owning. Worth repeated viewing. Each subsequent title has gone down hill. The second was okay. It was more cheeseful, definitely lame. Corny. Predictable. Not exactly right. But okay. Not put your hands over your eyes and plug up your ears bad the way the others have been. The third movie was watchable enough once. I think I enjoyed about ten or fifteen minutes of the hour or so that it was. The fourth one was barely watchable at all. Seriously. The only thing it had in common with the book was the name Love's Abiding Joy. It didn't even remotely in anyone's wildest imagination resemble the book. But I fear the fifth one is a crime against humanity. I am boycotting it. Definitely boycotting it. I can't imagine any *true* fan of the series putting up with this latest atrocity. Even if you've never read the book, the series keep getting cheesier and cheesier and just groan-worthy.

Listen to these descriptions:

Two years have passed since the tragic death of Missie LaHaye's husband Willie. Ultimately unable to work the land on her own, Missie (Erin Cottrell) and son Maddie leave Tettsford Junction for the security of her father's ranch and the hope of a new life. New adventures await as Missie takes in reluctant orphan Belinda (Holliston Coleman) who hides a secret. A new home also brings the possibility of romance… if Missie can manage to put the past behind her. Dale Midkiff and Victor Browne also star in this touching story of faith and love.

In “Love’s Unending Legacy,” Missie LaHaye and her young son Maddie return home to be near her parents, Clark and Marty Davis, two years after the murder of her sheriff husband. Returning to her work as a schoolteacher, Missie adopts a teenage orphan girl, Belinda, who implores her to rescue seven-year-old Jacob, the girl’s brother, who has been suffering abuse at the hands of his adoptive parents. Aiding Missie in her rescue efforts are Pastor Joe and Sheriff Zach Tyler. Both men are also potential suitors, but Missie’s grief may prevent her from a new chance at happiness.
You might be thinking. Okay. What's wrong with that. Well, the character of "Maddie" doesn't exist at all in the books. Willie does NOT die. (I don't think he was ever sheriff either, but I could be wrong on this point. But he was alive and kicking throughout the whole series.) Missie NEVER returns home to Clark and Marty. At all. Belinda isn't an orphan. She's Marty's unexpected baby. Her "surprise" conceived during the fourth book, Love's Abiding Joy. Yes, Marty went on that trip. Clark didn't go alone. And Missie didn't have ANY children die, let alone her new baby. Love's Unending Legacy shouldn't have Missie as a character at all. She's not in the book. It is a story about Marty and her family. The romance in the book is that of Marty's daughter Ellie. What the movies leave out are 90% of Marty and Clark's kids. They had many children of their own, and they adopted two. Love's Unending Legacy is about most of her children--all except Missie. But specifically it is about her youngest--Luke who is getting ready to be a doctor, Ellie, and the baby-on-the-way, Belinda. The rest of Marty's kids are married already, some with families of their own.

Not only has this series of movies become a train that has jumped the tracks, it's not even on the ground anymore.