Thursday, October 11, 2007

Veggies Sing Christian Hits

This CD has great great potential. Why? It combines a person's love of Veggies with a person's love of Christian music. Chances are that if you've listened to Christian music in the past fifteen to seventeen years that there is at least one song on here that will excite you. For me, there are many! You don't have to know the songs beforehand, Veggie love will carry you through I would imagine. I don't know if it would work the other way around. Could a fan of Michael W. Smith here the Veggie rendition of "Place in this World" and be blown away by Junior's singing? Maybe. Maybe not. But for this Veggie fan, it really doesn't get better than this.

"Big House" featuring Audio Adrenaline, Larry, and Junior. This song is great for many reasons. Audio Adrenaline. Junior. And oh the memories. This WAS the song of my junior year of high school (1994-1995). I remember jumping or should I say bouncing along to this one at many Audio A concerts. And the hand motions. Who could not love a song with such fun motions and lyrics?

"In The Light" featuring Mr. Lunt singing the verses and multiple veggies (including some gourds and Larry) singing the chorus and adding harmony now and then. While In The Light was never one of my favorite, favorites from the Jesus Freak album by DC Talk....the album was again a great time in my life. It released the November of my senior year (1995-1996) of high school. And I did see DCT in concert the summer before and after its release. So I do remember being there in a crowd and singing all the words and buying t-shirts and all that. So good times :) This one does have Mr. Lunt adlibbing some 'humor' to it towards the end.

"Flood" featuring Mr. Lunt, assorted veggies on the chorus including Larry and Junior, and a special guest appearance of Pa Grape towards the end. Flood. What can I say about Jars of Clay. I loved, loved, loved this song. From the very first time I heard it, I knew I had to get the album. This cd would represent either the very end of my senior year of high school or my freshman year of college. I can't remember quite when in 1996 I discovered it. But it was love. And yes, I saw my Jarsy in concert too. :) Several times in fact.

"I Can Only Imagine" is a solo by Junior. This song by MercyMe is oh-so-magical for so many reasons. First of all the beautiful piano playing. Then the lyrics are so beautiful, so honest, so touching, that you're blown away. (At least I am.) And Junior is my favorite, favorite, favorite Veggie. I just love him so much. So this song is a winner on all counts.

"Shine" featuring the Newsboys, Larry, Bob, and Junior. Anyone who knows me knows two things. I love my Audio A and my Bouncy Boys. Granted not everyone calls the Newsboys "The Bouncy Boys" but the name stuck with me after seeing them in concert. (Yes, I've seen my fair share of Newsboys concerts. If any Christian band knows how to have bouncy fun on stage and to get everyone in the crowd growing wild, it's the Newsboys.) Shine is one of my favorite Newsboys songs from one of their early cds GOING PUBLIC. I remember listening to the album on repeat for days, weeks, months (this would have been in high school). They've also added in a bit of "This Little Light of Mine" at the end.

"Dive" featuring Steven Curtis Chapman, Larry, and other assorted veggies doing some dialogue and chorus work. While I enjoyed this Chapman album, I loved many of his other albums/songs more than this one. But the song is fun. But some of his earlier songs would have been funner for me personally.

"Meant to Live". This one is the first song on the album that I'm clueless about. I don't know who the original artist is. I don't know what year it's from. I can pinpoint the others I've mentioned above. But this one is sung by the three French Peas. It is okay, and maybe just maybe it will grow on me. I do love the Peas!

"Sadie Hawkins Dance" featuring Larry mainly. There might be other Veggies on the chorus giving backup. Again, I'm not familiar with the original song/artist. But the song is sung by Larry and is enjoyable as such. Seems fun and catchy. It does feature some more of the three peas at the end. Also a nice bit by Junior.

"Baby, Baby" featuring Amy Grant and Junior. While I have mixed feelings on Amy Grant these days, this song says junior high for me. The song had me then, and it has me now. I think Junior does it. :) Especially when he adds a 'dooby doo' or too.

"I'll Take You There." Don't know the original song/artist. Not really. I didn't even know it was a Christian song to begin with. I'm still not sure it is. But it is sung by Larry and it sounds like a gourd or two in the background as well as Mr. Lunt, Mr. Nezzer, and Junior and even the peas.

"Blue Skies" sung by Junior with other veggies joining the chorus. I don't know the original song, not well at least. Though when I heard the chorus I thought that it sounded vaguely familiar. But I don't think I ever owned this one, but I must have heard it on the radio at some point.

"Made to Love" is sung by Mr. Lunt and Larry and a girl veggie voice I don't recognize at all. I think a gourd is on this one as well. (I never can distinugish between Jerry and Jimmy. I just call them "a gourd" when I hear that voice). I don't know the original song/artist.

"Smellin' Coffee" is sung by Larry with help on the chorus from kids maybe??? Who knows.

"Trumpet of Jesus" is sung by Mr. Nezzer and Mr. Lunt. And I think it was written just for him now that I think about it. I may never hear the song the same way again. This is the only song that I think is pre-1990. Think being the key word. I'm not exactly sure when Trumpet of Jesus came out, but I think it is older than the others by a bit. Or else it just feels it. I seem to remember it from elementary years. And a google search reveals its Imperial origins which would support my original theory :) And the peas make a brief appearance as well.

"Place in this World" is sung by Junior. The original artist is Michael W. Smith. And this one would have been junior high for me. I loved, loved, loved this song. It is on the Go West Young Man album that I just adored. Yes, I saw Michael W. Smith in concert several times as well. I'm so glad this one is sung by Junior. I think it's a very good match.

Overall, I loved this album. Some songs as you can imagine I'm extremely enthusiastic about, and others I'll need more time to appreciate. But it really is too fun to pass up. So if you love the Veggies, you need to go buy it!