Thursday, October 18, 2007

Whispers of Love

Cote, Lyn. Whispers of Love.

This novel or novella is part of a trilogy of novels found in Blessed Assurance by Lyn Cote. I haven't read them all. At least not yet. But the first one I read about two or three weeks ago. You know when I was supposed to. The week that CFBA was highlighting the book. But circumstances have a way of making sure that things happen in their own time. Such is the case here. Between computer troubles, blog tours for other authors and books, and general disorganization, this one has been sitting here waiting to be reviewed. The good news? I think I still remember a bit about it. General impressions. It was a romance. A historical romance. Fairly simple. Definitely predictable in places. But a nice, solid romance. Set in Chicago in the weeks and months leading up to the Great Fire. A widow woman, a single woman, is running a boarding house. One of her boarders--or wanna-be boarders, is falling in love with her. But this man is also keeping a secret. While the reader can guess what's going on and what's going to happen, the heroine of course is a bit slow to catch on. But all that being said it was an enjoyable read. There is nothing wrong with predictable, formulaic romance novels. They're fun. They're safe. They're enjoyable.