Monday, February 04, 2008

Christmas Mommy

Christmas Mommy by Terry Fowler (Heartsong Presents)
reviewed by Callie Laney

Julie Dennis led an independent life as a computer specialist. She lived in her own condo in Denver, Colorado. Orphaned at eleven, she'd been raised by her older brother Joe. When her brother and his family left to pastor a church in South Carolina, she had been terribly lonely. But her good friend Noah helped her through this difficult time. Unfortunately, Noah felt a call from God to be the assistant pastor at her brother's church. He left without fully discussing their options or the depth of his true feeling, leaving her feeling abandoned.

Joe and Mari have done so much for Julie, surely she would be willing to babysit their five children (all of which happen to be under the age of five) for two weeks? The timing's not great--right before Christmas. Can Julie really handle all the Christmas preparations on her own? Mari leaves a detailed list. Noah, the assistant pastor, will also be there to help. So Julie agrees to be the Christmas Mommy.

I fell in love with the kids and laughed my way through the book as misadventure follows misadventure. Julie discovers how to relax, how to enjoy the kids, and develops confidence in her mothering ability even after the list meets an untimely end.

This would be a great story even without the romantic interest. I suggest this book if you want to smile, laugh, or just remember your own childhood holidays.