Monday, February 18, 2008

!Hero Rock Hero...

!Hero The Rock Opera

This came out a few years ago. I remember loving it when it first came out. I listened to the cds non-stop. And I was so so so happy when it released on dvd. I read the first novel. The book said that it was the first of the series, but I don't recall ever seeing the rest of the books being released. (I can't even find the book, City of Dreams, listed on the author's website. Maybe I was the only one that liked it???) Not being one to let a mystery go unsolved, I have found confirmation that the second and third novels were never published. At least now I know.

Here's the intro...

Here are some of my favorite songs:

Raised in Harlem

Not In My House

I Am

And the oh-so-magical best-song-ever-ever-ever...

He's Not Here