Sunday, February 17, 2008

Much food for Thought...

I just listened to this message by Bethlehem Bible Church. "Mysticism Gone Amuck" by Mike Abendroth. (2/10/08)

What can I say? This message might be hard to swallow for some folks, but I think it's something that at the very least should be considered. In the message, he points out example after example of how Beth Moore is teaching mysticism in her books. Something I'd never heard before. I own several of her books. Though I've never managed to finish one all the way through. Now I'm thinking I might have to redo my bookshelves and find those books a new home. For the record, he is not calling her a false teacher or a heretic. He is just saying that she teaches some things falsely. There is a big difference--in my opinion--between all and some.
Also under critique is Brennan Manning. I have some of his as well. Again, never read. The point of the message is that if there are books that are good, better, and best...and a limited amount of time to read...why waste time on what isn't the best. If there are books that have some truth but some untruth as well or some truth and some fluff...but there are other books that are 'better' for you--more truth, undilated truth, then those should be the ones we read.

He also stresses the importance of discernment, of knowing the Bible so that you're not "easy pickings" for those teaching strange doctrines.

Definitely a message I'd recommend.