Monday, September 22, 2008

Retiring This Blog

This blog has been mostly abandoned for a few months now. (Except for the occasional original post now and then.) And I've decided to make this blog officially abandoned. I've got several blogs which I can refer you to...

Becky's Book Reviews
Young Readers
Operation Actually Read Bible

Any reviews that would have at one time been published here will now go to one of those three.
The first is my main site. And I'll be reviewing Christian fiction there occasionally. The second is my for reviews of kids books--aged zero to ten. So the few Christian picture books I review will be featured there instead. The third site is relatively new. I'm hoping to make it into something. But readership is nil at this point. Here is where I'll venture into Christian non-fiction reviews (I hope to have one or two per month). Here is also where I'll be keeping track of my bible reading, sermon listening, and generally personal stuff. :)